Agencies and Organizations Related to Salmon or Ocean Studies

Cooperative Relationships

PICES (North Pacific Marine Science Organization)

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between PICES and NPAFC signed in 1998:

Recognizing that the North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES), exists to (a) promote and coordinate marine scientific research in order to advance scientific knowledge of the area concerned and of its living resources, including but not necessarily limited to research with respect to the ocean environment and its interactions…Read more

NPAFC-PICES Framework for Enhanced Scientific Cooperation in the North Pacific Ocean mutually agreed to in 2014:

The joint NPAFC-PICES Study Group on Scientific Cooperation in the North Pacific Ocean (SG-SC-NP) agreed on the need for a formal framework to guide, develop, implement, and monitor activities between PICES and NPAFC in the area of scientific cooperation. The framework identifies two major scientific topics of joint interest to NPAFC and PICES…Read more

WCPFC (Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission)

Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC) between the WCPFC and NPAFC signed in 2010:

The North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission (NPAFC) and the Commission of the Conservation and Management of Highly Migratory Fish Stocks in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean (WCPFC); Recalling that objective of the Convention for the Conservation of Anadromous Stocks in the North Pacific Ocean is to promote the conservation of anadromous stocks in the Convention Area …Read more

Agencies of NPAFC Contracting Parties


BC Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations
Fish and Wildlife Branch
Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO):
Canadian Coast Guard
Pacific Biological Station


Fisheries Agency of Japan
(in Japanese and English)
Fisheries Research Agency:
(in Japanese and English)
Hokkaido National Fisheries Research Institute
(in Japanese and English)
National Salmon Resources Center
(in Japanese and English)


Korea Fisheries Resources Agency (FIRA)
(in Korean and English)
Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries
(in Korean)
National Institute of Fisheries Science
(in Korean and English)


Fisheries Agency of the Russian Federation
(in Russian)
Russian Federal Border Service
(in Russian)
Kamchatka Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography (KamchatNIRO)
(in Russian)
Khabarovsk Branch of TINRO-Center
(in Russian)
Magadan Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography (MagadanNIRO)
(in Russian)
Pacific Research Fisheries Center (TINRO-Center)
(in Russian)
Russian Federal Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography (VNIRO)
(in Russian)
Sakhalin Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography (SakhNIRO)
(in Russian)

United States

Alaska Department of Fish and Game
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NOAA Fisheries
NOAA Office of Law Enforcement
Alaska Fisheries Science Center
Auke Bay Laboratories
NMFS, Alaska Regional Office
Northwest Fisheries Science Center
United States Coast Guard
United States Coast Guard District 17 Alaska
United States Fish & Wildlife Service Alaska Region
University of Washington, School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences
Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife

Other International Governmental Organizations

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Fisheries and Aquaculture Department (FAO)
North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization (NASCO)
North Pacific Fisheries Commission (NPFC)
North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES)
Pacific Salmon Commission (PSC)
Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC)

Other Organizations

Bering Sea Fishermen’s Association (BSFA)
North Pacific Research Board (NPRB)
Pacific Salmon Foundation (PSF)
Pacific Seafood Processors Association (PSPA)
State of the Salmon (SOS)