Annual Meetings

Annual Meetings

Annual Meetings are held in accordance with Article VIII paragraph 12 of the Convention.

Future Annual Meetings

27th Annual Meeting, May 2019
Portland, Oregon, USA

Past Annual Meetings

26th Annual Meeting, May 21–25, 2018
Khabarovsk, Russia

25th Annual Meeting, May 15–19, 2017
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

24th Annual Meeting, May 16–20, 2016
Lotte Hotel Busan, Busan, Republic of Korea

23rd Annual Meeting, May 11–15, 2015
Kobe, Japan

22nd Annual Meeting, May 12–16, 2014
Portland, Oregon, USA

21st Annual Meeting, November 12–15, 2013
Virtual meeting by email

20th Annual Meeting, October 7–12, 2012
St. Petersburg, Russia

19th Annual Meeting, October 23–28, 2011
Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

18th Annual Meeting, November 1–5, 2010
Lotte Hotel Busan, Busan, Republic of Korea

17th Annual Meeting, November 2–6, 2009
Toki Messe Niigata Convention Center, Niigata, Japan

16th Annual Meeting, November 17–21, 2008
Washington State Convention and Trade Center, Seattle, WA, USA

15th Annual Meeting, October 8–12, 2007
Hotel Hyundai, Vladivostok, Russia

14th Annual Meeting, October 23–27, 2006
Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue, Vancouver, BC, Canada

13th Annual Meeting, October 24–28, 2005
Lotte Hotel Jeju, Jeju Island, Republic of Korea.

12th Annual Meeting, October 24–29, 2004
Sapporo Convention Center, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan

11th Annual Meeting, October 26–31, 2003
Hawaii Convention Center, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

10th Annual Meeting, October 6–11, 2002
Hotel Hyundai, Vladivostok, Russia

9th Annual Meeting, October 28–November 2, 2001
Victoria Conference Centre, Victoria, Canada

8th Annual Meeting, October 30–November 2, 2000
Mita Conference Center, Tokyo, Japan

7th Annual Meeting, October 24–29, 1999
Westmark Baranof Hotel, Juneau, Alaska, USA

6th Annual Meeting, November 1–6, 1998
Russian Academy for Public Service, Moscow, Russia

5th Annual Meeting, October 27–31, 1997
Victoria Conference Centre, Victoria, Canada

4th Annual Meeting, October 21–25, 1996
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tokyo, Japan

3rd Annual Meeting, November 5–10, 1995
Holiday Inn Crown Plaza, Seattle, USA

2nd Annual Meeting, October 10–15, 1994
Dom Peregovorov (Conference House), Vladivostok, Russia

1st Annual Meeting, November 1–5, 1993
Waterfront Centre Hotel, Vancouver, Canada