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International Year of the Salmon Pan-Pacific Winter High Seas Expedition
February 1–April 22, 2022
North Pacific Ocean

Scientists from Canada, Japan, the Republic of Korea, the Russian Federation, and the Unites States continue their research on the winter ecology of Pacific salmon in a collaborative international effort spanning the entire North Pacific Ocean. To follow the vessels as they complete their journey, visit

International Year of the Salmon Synthesis Symposium
October 4–6, 2022
Westin Bayshore Hotel
Vancouver, Canada

Across the Northern Hemisphere increasingly extreme and uncertain climate conditions, coupled with human activity, greatly threaten the survival of salmon. The International Year of the Salmon (IYS), a five-year initiative established in 2018 and governed by the North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission (NPAFC) and North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization (NASCO), has explored the conditions necessary for the resilience of salmon and people in a changing world. In its final year, the IYS is bringing together participants from academia, government, industry, NGOs and Indigenous organizations to consider the progress made by the IYS, and discuss the actions necessary to enable progress towards these conditions over the next decade. The IYS Synthesis Symposium: ‘Salmon in a Rapidly Changing World: Synthesis of the International Year of the Salmon and a Roadmap to 2030’ is the culmination of over 13 workshops and symposia, three historic High Seas Expeditions and over 80 associated events across the North Atlantic and North Pacific basins. READ MORE

NPAFC 30th Annual Meeting
May 15–19, 2023
Busan, Republic of Korea