In 2011, the Commission established the NPAFC Award to recognize an individual or group for significant and sustained contributions in the areas of scientific research, enforcement, international cooperation, or management for the conservation of (one or more) anadromous salmon and steelhead stocks during the marine life history phase in the North Pacific Ocean.

2019 NPAFC Award

Nomination criteria and requirements are available in the NPAFC Award Guidelines. Only the NPAFC Points of Contact of the Parties can make a nomination and each year a maximum of one nomination is accepted from each Party.

NPAFC Award Guidelines

For inquiries or to submit a completed nomination packet (nomination letter, CV, supporting materials), please email the Secretariat.

January 12, 2019 Deadline to submit a completed nomination packet to the Secretariat by email
March 13, 2019 Deadline for the Award Committee to make its decision
May 13–17, 2019 Award is presented at the 27th Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon, USA

Previous NPAFC Award Recipients

2017 NPAFC Award

The Commission recognized the recipient of the 2017 NPAFC Award at the 25th Annual Meeting: Dr. Loh-Lee Low was selected for the award in recognition of his sustained scientific contributions to the Commission’s mission to conserve and manage anadromous salmon and steelhead stocks in the North Pacific Ocean and its adjacent seas.

Dr Loh-Lee Low
Dr. Loh-Lee Low contributed substantially to the functioning of the Commission’s Committee on Scientific Research and Statistics (CSRS). He chaired the deliberations of the CSRS for three 2-year terms in 1995–1997, 2003–2005, and 2014–2016. He fostered cooperation and scientific achievements of the salmon scientists of the Commission through his guidance and improvement of salmon research activities in the high seas of the North Pacific Ocean. Dr. Low was also involved in activities in the framework of many other international commissions including PICES, NPFC, and the Convention on the Conservation and Management of the Pollock resources in the central Bering Sea bilateral fisheries negotiations, etc. “It is indeed a great privilege to have been a part this prestigious Intergovernmental Organization and to be honored with this distinguished North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission Award. I am grateful to the United States to have me as part of its delegations to the NPAFC. I extend my appreciation to my fellow salmon scientists from Canada, Japan, the Republic of Korea, the Russian Federation, and the United States of America who educated and assisted me to achieve this. I thank the Commission and the delegates who granted me this award. It is indeed the highest honor for me.”
2016 NPAFC Award

The Commission recognized the recipient of the 2016 NPAFC Award at the 24th Annual Meeting: Ms. Wakako Morris, retired Administrative Officer of the North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission (NPAFC). Ms. Morris was selected for the award in recognition of her support for the Commission’s operations and her steadfast efforts and leadership contributing to significant advances in international cooperation among the member nations of the Commission.

Wakako Morris
Ms. Wakako Morris had been with the NPAFC Secretariat since the Commission’s establishment in 1993 until her retirement in 2016. Prior to that, she worked at the International North Pacific Fisheries Commission (INPFC) Secretariat since 1986 and was instrumental in transitioning between the INPFC to establishment of NPAFC. “It has been honour enough to have been a part of such a respected intergovernmental organization as the NPAFC let alone finishing my career with such an honoured award,” Ms. Morris said upon receiving the award. “I thank the Commission and those who nominated and granted me this award. It is very meaningful to me to be recognized in this way.” In addition to her leadership role in finance and administration, Ms. Morris is recognized for her tireless dedication to increasing effective information sharing among NPAFC-member countries by coordinating efforts of NPAFC’s fisheries enforcement among countries in order to detect IUU fishing in the NPAFC Convention Area.
2015 NPAFC Award

The Commission recognized the recipient of the 2015 NPAFC Award at the 23rd Annual Meeting: Mr. Koji Imamura, retired President of the Japan Sea-Farming Association and National Federation of Medium Trawlers (Japan). Mr. Imamura received the award in recognition of his long-term leadership in the area of international relations and ocean salmon fisheries management.

Koji Imamura
Mr. Koji Imamura is the only individual in the entire 22-year history of NPAFC to have served two separate terms as the organization’s President, in 1995–1997 and 2003–2005. As an acknowledged consensus-builder, Mr. Imamura used his leadership position as President of NPAFC to encourage all salmon-producing countries in the North Pacific to join the organization. His efforts bore fruit when the Republic of Korea decided to join NPAFC in 2003. With his guidance during the early years of NPAFC, the Commission achieved sound, transparent, and efficient fiscal administration. He took every opportunity to strengthen international relations and provided impetus towards creating IUU (illegal, unregulated, and unreported) vessel lists for operations in the NPAFC Convention Area. In addition to his NPAFC duties, Mr. Imamura’s longstanding career in international fisheries negotiations included serving for many years as the head of the Japanese delegation to the International North Pacific Fisheries Commission (INPFC), the predecessor organization of NPAFC.
2014 NPAFC Award

The Commission recognized the recipient of the 2014 NPAFC Award at the 22nd Annual Meeting: Dr. Katherine W. Myers, fisheries scientist, University of Washington (retired), Seattle, Washington. Dr. Myers is congratulated for her sustained commitment to understanding the migration, distribution, and factors affecting the biology of anadromous stocks.

Kate Meyers
Dr. Katherine Myers is internationally recognized for her long-term leadership in scientific research and conservation through her extensive body of published work on Pacific salmon and steelhead, and for her commitment to fostering international cooperation among NPAFC researchers. Her scientific specialties include salmon and steelhead ocean distribution and migration patterns, age and growth research, and marine food habits studies of salmon. In addition, her service to the field of salmon science includes substantial contributions to studies of Prince William Sound pink salmon and her continuing scientific advisory work on Columbia River and Yukon River salmon.
2012 NPAFC Award
Richard BeamishDr. Richard (Dick) Beamish is an internationally recognized scientist who deserves recognition for his exemplary leadership in the areas of scientific research and international cooperation relating to the conservation of salmon in the marine phase of their life history. In the 30 years since he was first appointed chief scientist for Canada at the International North Pacific Fisheries Commission and later at NPAFC, he has led research as a member of the Canadian delegation and as the chair of several scientific research committees. Dick has published over 60 primary papers related to the marine life history of Pacific salmon. His published works include those of outstanding significance at global as well as local scales. His extensive body of published literature includes the early recognition of the linkage between climate and Pacific salmon abundance, effects of climate change, and influential works on investigations of salmon parasites, juvenile salmon survival, fish ageing techniques, and fish taxonomy. Dick has been dedicated to leading scientific initiatives in local, national, and international arenas and has fostered a high level of international scientific cooperation at the NPAFC. He has applied his leadership skills to numerous organizational committees for NPAFC conferences and workshops and to the editorial boards for publication of NPAFC bulletins and technical reports. Dick has also been recognized for his exemplary teaching and mentoring of future fisheries scientists.
Vyacheslav ShuntovProfessor Vyacheslav Shuntov is an internationally known scientist in the field of marine biology. The approach and methods developed under his leadership have provided the foundation for over 100 integrated Russian surveys conducted since 1980 for monitoring the state and dynamics of large-scale ecosystems of the North Pacific Ocean. His ecosystem approach has significantly transformed earlier views on the structure and function of plankton, nekton, and benthic communities in Russian waters. Vyacheslav was among the first to develop methods based on trawl surveys for using salmon abundance to assess its forage base and to evaluate feeding habits of salmon and other nektonic species at sea, and these methods have been adopted in other countries. He is the author of more than 300 scientific papers and books dedicated to the biology, ecology, and productivity of Pacific salmon, other pelagic marine organisms, and to the challenges of marine fisheries exploitation and management. Vyacheslav has led investigations at several international organizations, including NPAFC where he has directed the Russian cooperative studies for BASIS (Bering-Aleutian Salmon International Survey) since the program’s inception in 2002. He has supervised and guided many postgraduate students, and a large number of them have moved into leadership roles in NPAFC-related scientific studies. Throughout his career, Vyacheslav has advocated both for scientific knowledge on the nature of the sea and its inhabitants and for the protection and rational use of the environment.