Workshop 2019-Committee

Organizing Committee

Richard Brodeur Vice-Chairperson (SOEM; Northwest Fisheries Science Center, NOAA, USA)
Ed Farley, Jr. (Auke Bay Laboratories, Ted Stevens Marine Research Institute, NMFS, USA)
Jim Irvine (Pacific Biological Station, DFO, Canada)
Ju Kyoung Kim (Inland Life Resources Center, FIRA, Korea)
Svetlana Naydenko (Pacific Scientific Research Fisheries Center; TINRO-Center, Russia)
Mark Saunders Vice-Chairperson (International Year of the Salmon (IYS) North Pacific Steering Committee, Canada)
Michael Schmidt (SOEM; Long Live the Kings, USA)
Shigehiko Urawa Vice-Chairperson (Hokkaido National Fisheries Research Institute, FRA, Japan)
Brian Wells Vice-Chairperson (SOEM; Southwest Fisheries Science Center, NOAA, USA)
Jeongseok Park (NPAFC Secretariat, Canada)